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Telecom - Basics

Interesting domain indeed!

Without telecommunications, the whole world will come to a stand still!

Today telecommunications is a field with applications that reach common man and create impact in our daily lives. Impact is far more reaching than any other field could have created. Without a phone, no business/personal/transaction can be done.

In this topic I will be posting basics, fundamental concepts, theories, inventions and protocols behind a modern telecommunication network.

Lets see how it all started!

"Mr.Watson, come over here! I want to see you!!" These were the first words uttered by Alexander Graham Bell to his aide/co-inventor Watson over a telephone.
Interestingly when this greatest piece of invention was demonstrated to a US province official, comment received was "Well! Who would use this anyway!!" Can you imagine a day in your life without your hand-phone. Impossible, right!

Such was the necessity and usage of the phone that made ripples of innovation around the invention.

AGBell invented the telephone first and later a wired phone call was made. He was eager to demonstrate the phone with increasing distance day by day. His company' engineers were innovating and improvising the equipment that soon trans continental call across USA was possible.

Concept was simple. A telephone instrument at either end of the subscribers. These lines are terminated at a switch OR exchange. An Operator will switch these two lines upon seeing an "incoming call" - by means of an electrical signal actuating a lamp in his "switch board". Both the subscribers can talk to each other.

World' first phone call was made and how! It actually was a revolution in terms of the far reaching effect it had on people.

I doubt if Bell would have even dreamed of such a wide, far reaching application of his simple invention.

Phone call continues....