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C Programming Language

One of the oldest and longest running programming language is C. It was "invented" by Dennis Ritchie and Kerning ham as an alternative programming language to assembly level languages prevailing then.

To understand the evolution, please refer books by Ritchie. In this section we will start seeing the various aspects of C – the programming language.

1. To start with, let us understand what type of programming language C is? C is a procedural driven programming language meaning programming construct/syntax revolves around the functionality that needs to be built around. Data that is operated on is treated a separate entity.

2. To contrast, an object oriented programming language like C++ considers the data operated upon as part of the functionality/operation being performed.

3. So obviously C is simpler to code, develop and implement. Lots and lots of system functions are available as libraries and developer is free to include them in his program. C operates over Unix, Linux, Windows based operating systems.