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How to develop spring web applications quickly?

If you are a java based web application developer using Spring framework, you
would have found by now that, I would take a considerable amount of time from days to weeks to develop a simple spring based web application (MVC+Service Layer+ DB Layer).

Although , there are lot of advantages of using a spring based web application, long development times usually discourages developers from using Spring framework.

Don't worry!! there are tailor made frameworks available in the market which reduces your development time to a greater extent.

One such framework is App Fuse

You can download the source code for this application based on requirement.
It has separate applications for MVC, DAO etc.,

The sample web application with source code contains all the following features which are always required in any web applcation.

The list is as follows

* UI - bootstrap CSS
* Spring MVC ( jsps using spring tags / jstl tags)
* Spring Security
* Support for Spring/Hiberante Integration (DAO Layer)
* APIs for Service/DAO layers, so that one need not waste time creating DAO's for basic
DB operations like CRUD. Creating a simple bean will suffice.
* Support for sending Emails
* Sample User Managemnet Module with fully functional UI, along with features such as
* sign up, forgot password, edit profile,upload profile etc.,
* Maven support
* Unit Testing, UI Testing using tools such as cargo etc.,
* and much more features.

You can customize , appfuse spring application according to your requirements and develop web applications in no time.

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