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How to login in to linux without password using keys from windows?

Follow the steps below to login in to a linux machine from windows without a password
using public/privae keys.

1.) Download putty-gen.exe ( a tool which generates pubic/private key pairs).
2.) Generate a private/public key pair using putty-gen.
3.) Store the private/public keys in a separate files in a secure location .
4.) Login to the remote linux machine, create a file "authorized_keys" in ".ssh" directory.
5.) Copy the public key generated in step 2 in to the file authorize_keys.
6.) chmod 600 authorized_keys
7.) Logout from the remote machine.
8.) Open the putty client, type the remote machine name/ip address.
9.) Navigate to the SSH -> Auth in the left menu.
10.) Under Authentication parameters section, browse for the file
      where the private key is stored (<name>.ppk).
11.) Click on open button. Now you will be logged in to the remote linux machine without a password.