Interview Questions

Project Management

Conducting Meetings/Conference Calls

I have seen most of the meetings conducted (for duration of 1 hour) spend only 15 – 20 minutes on the actual content. Rest go in waiting for participant to join, making the projector/desktop/phone and other infrastructure ready, arranging the conference room, etc. How much of time waste? Other than the key stakeholder or Project Manager who wants a decision derived out of this, rest of participants do not worry about this.

Decision Making in Project Management

How often we are faced with situations where we need to take a decision in particular to project scenario? Almost everyday?! Well, I am not surprised. It could be every moment.

There are so many factors that could affect a project delivery, that perhaps it is impossible to list all of them down in your risk plan and mitigate it. So how do we take a decision when faced with such a scenario? Stakes could be high; approval might be required from stakeholders if there are deviations; Overlooking a scenario could potentially open up another risk unplanned for; like it goes...

Quantitative Project Management (QPM)

Quantitative Project Management involves gathering data at every possible stage of software development lifecycle. Most of the data can be gathered through review process. However some of the metrics can be gathered only through a proper follow up process and updating the Project Plan.

Software Quality Control and a PM’ role

As a project manager how much of software quality control you need to perform? Do you think it is important to focus from a PM perspective OR it is an architect role to take charge of the technical issues? Let us see.

Holistic Project Management Approach

What is this "Holistic Project Management" ?

There is a structured, methodical approach to project management. That's the usual way!

Road less traveled approach to project management is always Holistic way. Here it is more about personal touch, management based on common sense, ethics, values and an involved and passionate approach from a PM.

Common sense is what they don't teach you anywhere. It comes from within. Each and every aspect of project management, involves taking a decision and no tool in the world can replace your common sense.

First Step in Project Management

First Step is to Start a Project...

How will you conduct a project? Shall I say the steps as Starting, Planning, Running, Observing and Controlling, Stopping the project.

But project management is not just about these steps. It also requires a PM to have deep understanding on the functional areas such as Finance, Purchase/Procure, Sales, Contracts, Law, Manufacturing, Inventory/Supply chain, Organizational behavior.

Its about overall management and interacting with these functional areas as well.

Prologue to Project Management

We all hear about this term Project Management nowadays. More because of IT field. But Project Management is applicable to any field or domain.

Its about being methodical, meticulous, calculative and anticipating risks and planning well, executing the task on hand, monitoring and making necessary adjustments to ensure optimum output desired is achieved.

If you see the above definition, it is applicable to even our day to day transactions we do anywhere and everywhere. No specific need to identify this PM with IT field alone.