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Online Web Application Testing

BrowserStack allows you to test your websites, web applications from any platform(OS)/browser. This is a valuable tool for testing you web apps and also run your javascipt and selenium scripts on those web apps.

TestCase - A Quick Snapshot

Test Case - A Quick Snapshot

In this article let us try to understand the basics of a Test Case.

How well can a Test Case be defined? What's on your mind? Let's see Smile

Set of input data, execution conditions, expected result that is developed for verifying the compliance of a requirement could be defined as test case. Does it make sense?

Let us discuss about some of the Best Practices in writing a good test case. Lets keep this in mind before writing the test case.

1. Test case should be written in such a way that it ensures the maximum coverage of the requirements.

Bug Life Cycle - An Overview

Bug Life Cycle - An Overview

Do you even wonder that bug has a life cycle? Sounds interesting! Well, lets see what is Bug Life Cycle all about. Before that, what is a bug or defect in software testing terminology?

Let us take a banking application to understand what is bug.


Do we really need testing ?

Do we really need testing? Do you want to know what is testing in software industry?

Well! You have landed in the right place Smile. Welcome to the field of Software Testing.

Lets have a quick look on what is testing according to various testing experts in the software world.

According to Myers "Software Testing is the process of executing a program or system with the intent of finding errors".